The voice of Flamenco Violin


An emotional innovation.

Paco Montalvo, international Spanish classical violin soloist, pioneer of Flamenco Violin.

After becoming the youngest violinist of the 21th century to debut in the main hall of New York's Carnegie Hall at 18 years of age, conquering this legendary theatre with a memorable performance of Paganini's Violin Concerto No. 1, PACO MONTALVO, in his new musical work, shows the other side of himself and looks at his flamenco roots of the square and Taberna La Fuenseca of Córdoba. Paco Montalvo offers an unprecedented vision of the performance of the violin as a soloist in a process of hybridisation with flamenco. Based on the fusion concept, within the flamenco style, the violin sings and expresses emotions that until now were the domain of the singer and solo guitarist.

Farru, Paco Montalvo, Farruquito & Vicente Amigo
Farru, Paco Montalvo, Farruquito & Vicente Amigo
Paco de Lucia's sons & Paco Montalvo
Paco de Lucia's sons & Paco Montalvo

"Paco Montalvo, the Voice of Flamenco Violin. Listening to Paco Montalvo has brought back memories of the emotions that the greatest of flamenco singers, El Camarón, stirred in me. “El Pele”

A genuinely resounding dimension. The violin sings in his hands and bursts forth into the world of flamenco, with virtuosity, elegance, strength and brilliance. Montalvo posses a sensitive flamenco soul, a consequence of his experience and ties with this art since childhood. Now, “Paco Montalvo offers an unprecedented dimension of the infinite possibilities of the instrument with a creative wager of high interpretative calibre.” Francisco del Cid, Crítico Flamenco de Diario Córdoba.

Paco Montalvo violin flamenco

At only 23 years of age, Paco Montalvo has performed in more than 20 countries with orchestras in America, Asia and Europe, interpreting the most sophisticated Western classical works of the highest level. "I could not agree more. This young man has accomplished more in his 18 years than many musicians dream of accomplishing in their entire careers.  He is destined for greatness, that much is clear." John Walters / Tunes News

“I am a classical musician, but I have a flamenco calling: I have always liked it very much”. Paco Montalvo continues the musical tradition of violin-composers, engaging in an extensive range of musical activities. Diario ABC